Lockdown poem: The Unwinding Path to Positivity

January 26, 2021

Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

Exposure’s autistic author Max Ferreira expresses how young people like him remain busy and safe during the pandemic

Unexpected changes can be scary for young people with autism
And Covid-19 really crumbled our world with confusion and complications
No socialising, no facilities, no plans and the end nowhere in sight
So we have to stay home and wait for further updates.

Better safe than sorry, but then comes the question
What can we do from here until that day comes?
Let’s go for a stroll on the path to positivity
To help unwind your mind.

Try activities packed with wonder, charm and entertainment
Like playing family games and expanding your creativity
Watch something new or perhaps read a book that contains curiosity, fantasy and familiarity.

Activities that make me happy. Photo by Max Ferreira.

Having a sensory ornament like a motion timer can help level your nerves
Like adapting to unfamiliar methods of virtual learning and meet-ups
Also time your online activity and avoid isolation as much as possible.

But let’s not forgot about the great outdoors, as well as indoors
Don’t overthink about rule-breakers and limitations around you
Going on a simple walk in the fresh air is what we need for our system
Bringing refreshment, refinement and reflection to you and others in your life.

And finally, with simple cleanliness, sensibility and guidance
We will get through this different normal
As we are all in this together on the path to positivity.

Our thanks to Thrive LDN’s Right To Thrive grant scheme for making this project possible.