Poem: Positivity During Cost Crisis

September 30, 2022

Image created by Max Ferreira

With prices rising Max Ferreira shares how young people can make small changes to their spending habits

As a retail worker, when I fill the shelves
I notice the prices going up
More quickly than I can display them

Recently the costs of paying bills and how we live
Has become a big concern than living with Covid

This makes young people like me
Worry about living independently
With rent, water, food and electricity bills soaring

It’s scary to think how much to withdraw from our wallets

With exotic luxuries becoming impossible to afford
Trying to prioritise our living with our loved ones
And surviving on how much is leftover to spend daily

It’s not easy to balance, like a ship sinking into the sea
Flooding with fears of sacrificing valuables
And becoming homeless

However there are ways to overcome the increased costs
Along with careful planning of action you can

Minimise unwanted power in your home
Look for alternatives with similar tastes
Search for bargains that makes you smile

Find leisure activities with little spending
Like going for a walk in the park with your friends

And provide a back-up sum for emergencies
When the unexpected comes round the corner

With these money savings method
And some supportive guidance
Then you can go a long way

With some change to spare for a rainy day.