A poem about light and life: Overarching

April 27, 2022

Collage by Exposure with arch image by Darkmoon_Art, torch image by GDJ and grim reaper image by AnnaliseArt, all from Pixabay

Jamin L. Symonds Patel embraces the darkness just before the dawn

A cloak of night covering a figure of sheer shadow,
no face,
all darkness flocking to this moving mask straight ahead,
not far.

At every turn in life to taunt with its end,
one arm,
revealing slowly from the cloth that surrounds the stars,
a hand.

Lifting straight to shoulder height a finger decayed,
onward as we know to depths darker we go,

But through, with, and in,
darkness drunk its own shadow and turned,
to light.

And so, to the void that is void of even death,
to the dawn after dusk with arms outstretched,

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