Poem: Returning Home

April 20, 2022

Collage by Exposure with image of bear by Janson_G from Pixabay

Jamie L. Symonds Patel finds comfort and joy in familiar places

I’ve been away from family for a while,
on a trip to what seemed like
the other end of the world,

But now I’m on my way back,
to the place of my birth
and the familiar trees and bushes,

When I see the bricks and people
faces I know and speak to,
after so long on a journey never over,

Home in all its beauty a light
in darkness too long it has been,
but not long now,

And seeing the old scenery,
in strength of heart acclaim
I will never falter again,

If ever I was looking for a land,
that I might live life perfect
I might remember the one I have.

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