Poem exploring our limits: To Shore

May 12, 2022

Image by nilszimmermann from Pixabay

Reaching the ends of the Earth, Jaimin L. Symonds Patel wonders what then?

Stepping upon the rocks and sand to
reach the turning water ahead, with
the wind rushing through our ears.
Plunging feet into the water’s
domain, as it pulls us to the
ends of the world, pushing ship
to sea. Taking up oars we pull, to
chest height and sink them again, into
the depths where the serpent sleeps. Yet
we row on, pushing on to new lands to find
new courage, as there we see gold glistening.
Driving the ship to grind on shore, as the
sand we step upon, no feet have ever
greeted before. Our hearts forged
anew, to take this land, and
turn it to make good fruit.
How many more lands might
there be, we wonder, so we
might fill the world and make
it good. But what of our children,
who might truly find all the lands
ever to be found. What if they
take parts for themselves,
and fight just for the scraps.
Now, in this world we ring joy,
for we have yet to explore
the corners of this Earth.
But our children, for
them, there will come a
time when they look out
to sea, as far as they
can, and know that
there is nothing
to be found

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