Poem about accepting our lot: In the Garden

April 4, 2022

Image from Pixabay

Jaimin L. Symonds Patel on the importance of treasuring our natural habitats

Long ago, we were given a garden,
To the setting sun it faced.
This land we took as our burden,
And there the fence we traced.

And so, we sowed seeds in our new lot,
Made sure that they fell on good soil.
We planted an oak to show what we had got,
In the centre put it with great toil.

To be sure, great care was taken,
So that every plant may bear fruit,
That our great tree would remain solemn,
And no thief would take it as their loot.

But, in times less older,
We took off to beyond our borders,
As our own garden turned all the colder,
We went and forgot our elders.

We sought to see that the forest yonder be saved,
And that all other gardens be ordered,
To each of their circles traced,
Yet of our own garden we ignored.

First, by the fence the brambles took hold,
And the flowers were thieved of their sunlight.
Then the ivy took to bind the great oak once bold,
And all its shielding branches were strangled tight.

And now, as our land is stood sodden,
We must not sink our heads in the mud deep,
Lest we even still forget this garden,
That was given to us in our keep.

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