#blacklivesmatter poem: Physiognomy (appearance)

June 25, 2020

Image created by Finn Souter with ideas from Ananya

Ananya Badithe explores prejudice so often directed at people based solely on how they look

I have been trying to understand the concept of physiognomy
Like a colour scale but with an in-built hierarchy
The colour of the skin becomes the primary identity…
Might as well add it to the resumé and the CV.

What happens when law becomes a victim of physiognomy
Then tries to bring order to an ordered society?
Rules and regulations find a home within obscurity
Then people start to “run out of breath” of equality.

People start to choke under the knee of physiognomy
Pleading and gasping for their rights to impartiality
Symptoms of a virus bigger than the Covid-19
The self-destructive nature of this ludicrous humanity.

Logically speaking, from the stance of biology
The colour of the skin is a matter of evolving
The vital trait of biological adaptability
Satirically also is the patsy for physiognomy.

The roots of physiognomy lay deep under our history
“Deviation from social norms” is a trait of abnormality
It is about time we treat people’s sick mentality
And make this world a place for humans, not their social identity.

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