Poem about living in the moment: What if?

October 14, 2021

Photography by Darina Belonogova and Eberhard Grossgasteiger at Pexels

Ananya Badithe contemplates the struggle between today and tomorrow

What if I miss my stop and just keep going?
Blind myself with the fear of tomorrow

What if I let go of the steering wheel?
Follow with the ignorance of a child and fall to the ground to get my way

What if I narrow down the horizon of my thoughts?
Shut down the rationale and open my eyes to the glory of the road

What if I stop running a marathon to the far tomorrow?
Run a sprint into the present and let fascination take over

Yet responsibility battles will
Expectations of tomorrow stain the journey

Yet the tantrum doesn’t last too long
We’ve had to pick ourselves up and drive alone all along

Yet once witnessed it can’t be unseen
Ignorance is much harder than foreseen

Yet the sprint comes to an end too quickly
Leaving us stranded on a never-ending possibility

And yet realisation simply collapsed into philosophy
The stop was here and I had to walk back into reality.

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