Poem about twilight: An Early Train

March 3, 2022

Collage concept by Ananya with images from Pexels

Ananya Badithe observes life in all its darkness and light on a morning train

I see life in early morning train rides
I see life in the paint-stained hoodies
Leaning heads and half-opened eyes

It is the one time of the day
I feel like we all share something
It might be the unusual timing

The twilight hour
That lets everyone’s struggle shine through
More than the world taught them to show

See sleepless heads rid of their basic needs
Like a new-born baby that knows no superficiality
Showing the darker parts of humanity

Ambition shines through their fatigued bodies
I see life in everyone’s vulnerability at this time of day
They’re driven by their needs and not their wants

Life chose this for them, they didn’t
It’s the helplessness, that draws the line
Between their innocence and their greed

Pain and Love is the same for all
So yes, I see life in these tired, sleepy
Sometimes struggling faces

I see life in the darkest of hours.

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