Lockdown poem: Golden Marks

October 5, 2020

L to R: Collage created with discarded objects, depicting the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings. Detail of rose and shard of glass by Ananya Badithe. ‘Faces’ image by Rob van Ruiten at Pixabay

Ananya Badithe reflects upon the devastation and scars left from historical genocide

Can you hear the calls
Can you hear the souls
Can you feel the lives, float away?

Can they see the light
Are they safe from plight?
All we wish is to touch them, once again.

Just feel the prick, of the broken glass
Billions that rummaged through their guts and toes
Now we have a billion jars, all set out in ordered rows.

From the other side, the golden marks
Shine bright with the story of every corpse.

But can you hear the calls
Can they see the light?
All we wish is to feel them, once again.

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