Covid-19 made me more human and less robot

October 28, 2020

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay with adjustments by Exposure

Chloe recounts how experiences in 2020 have changed her for the better

Covid-19. 2020. Lockdown. All words that we will remember in years and decades to come. ’The Global Pandemic’ as it is called, has affected most people’s lives and left them without family members. No one can understand what went on this year or can explain why everything happened so quickly. There will never be another year like it.

Face masks became the fashion. Panic buyers were about. Hand sanitisers out of stock. Life spent behind closed doors – depression at its finest. Not for everyone though. Family time became a tradition again, parents worked from home, children and students were home schooled, Zoom Zoom went the meetings. Famous festivals (Glastonbury) getting cancelled. Our local pubs and clubs – shut forever.

Disney+ and Netflix saved people’s boredom (well at least my life) and so did Glee: “and that’s what you missed” and all that jazz.

Music and my boyfriend; the only reasons to get up and smile each day. Yes, I said the ‘B’ word but I don’t care because I’m just lucky to have got to know someone during lockdown who has been my rock and prince at the same time. Insane… I think so, but that’s my personality for you.

Our ancestors fought for our human rights and so therefore we must respect and deliver an attitude and gratitude for each and every human

Coronavirus made people come together: BBQs, garden parties, lockdown hair salons and birthdays that felt pointless were celebrated. New, creative ideas were brought to the table like Zoom, music at home, groups and meetings. Zoom Disney quizzes and talks (because parks weren’t open) made them realise that we could still have fun and do all those crazy things but indoors so that the virus could be contained and to protect people from getting the disease.

Black Lives Matter became a movement that has inspired our generation to think before they say or do anything racist. Equality is a massive thing in our world and the fact to this day we still treat each other like dirt, like a piece of nothingness, a piece of life that has no purpose, is despicable and unacceptable to hear.

Our ancestors fought for our human rights and so therefore we must respect and deliver an attitude and gratitude for each and every human. But sadly, the way in which our modern world sees this does not agree, and our brothers and sisters of this world suffer when all they want is to be treated as equals.

The future seems a lot brighter when you can imagine the happy times and dreams being fulfilled. Applying for college course for the next academic year seems to be the happiest thing I can focus on to date, knowing I’ll be back in my home town, my own flat, my own path in life sorted out… kind of.

This pandemic has taught me to be more human and less robot because showing love, being the best version of yourself, and sharing passions with others are the only ways this society will accept all humans. We need to educate ourselves on certain subjects and come together a lot stronger.

Commended entry to Voices 2020, the national writing competition for care-experienced young people, in this year’s special category ‘Experiences of Covid-19’. You can read all the shortlisted entries or watch the award ceremony, hosted by Peter Capaldi. This year’s competition is sponsored by Cadence Innova.

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