Poem: My Dreams Saved Me

August 10, 2020

Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay

How Leanne grew from her world of imagination

As a young child you’re encouraged to dream
That anything is possible if you believe
Hopes of becoming a princess or superhero flood an innocent mind
Fact and fiction a blur, you trust all you get told, but then find
A princess I’d become but my prince I did not choose
My dream now a nightmare, a battle I was only to lose
So I swapped reality back to fantasy as I was safe inside my head
My imagination could take over and I chose to live there instead
I stopped watching out for green, one-eyed monsters because I had been misled
Told monsters have big pointy teeth and live under my bed
But real monsters look like humans; they lie and steal your trust
Cause mass destruction, a fragile life broke into dust
I’d sit and stare out the window and daydreaming I’d be
Escaping the world I was trapped in for lands far away where I was free
But as I got older, stronger and braver I grew
I became my own superhero, not fictional but true!
My nightmare is now ended and I am safe in reality
My dream world was what saved me and my sanity
I still visit there sometimes while I slumber beneath the midnight sky
But now it’s only for a visit and then I say goodbye
For my life now is very different, I’m happy and I’m in control
I’ve started a new chapter in my story, rebuilding the life he once stole
Though reality is now the place I choose to be
My dreams will always stay with me
My dreams can develop, they may change and that’s okay
Because this is my book and I’ll live life my way.

Overall winner (care leaver category) of Voices 2020, the national writing competition for care-experienced young people, in this year’s theme of ‘Dreams’. You can read all the shortlisted entries or watch the award ceremony, hosted by Peter Capaldi. This year’s competition is sponsored by Cadence Innova.

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