Poem about identity: I Sit at the Window

July 27, 2022

Image by Abbat1 from Pixabay

Telisha’s view of what’s beneath a deceptively smooth exterior

I sit at the window and watch them go by. They shout
and they giggle, they laugh and they cry.
Behind all this glass, I am not in this world my hands
round my tea cup are tightly curled and what’s so
bizarre is when I step out and go through that door I am
stricken with doubt because though I am sure I have
gone into the day I have never felt so far away.
I stare at the wall its smooth white unbroken, but under
the surface there are ugly lumpy hard edged and
cement holding them in place making sure the wall
doesn’t fall down.
So the smooth, white unbroken-ness is not the whole
wall. People like smooth white unbroken things, as long
as you don’t show them what is underneath.

Winner, Lower Secondary Category (11-14 years) in Voices 2022, the national creative writing competition for care-experienced young people on the theme ‘This is Me’. You can read all the shortlisted entries. This year’s competition was sponsored by Cadence Innova.

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