Poem promoting Coram Voice’s ‘Voices 2021’ awards: A Girl I Saw

June 30, 2021

Image by Renata Ciok from Pixabay

Young journalist’s poem promotes writing awards hosted by Peter Capaldi

Coram Voices is delighted to be holding Voices 2021, the annual creative writing competition for children in care and care leavers, hosted by Peter Capaldi.

The event will take place on Wednesday 14th July at 5pm and everyone is invited (details below).

Co-host, young journalist, Sophia Alexandra Hall said, “I’m a proud care experienced person, but that wasn’t always the case. I used to hide the fact I was in care, and never really spoke about it when I was a teenager. Today, after being encouraged by organisations such as Coram, my peers and the wider community, I embrace my experience as an important and integral part of my identity. The Voices competition means a lot to me because it’s all about encouraging young people in care to use their voices, and encouraging non-care experienced people to listen.”

Sophia Alexandra Hall entered the competition in 2019 and this is her winning entry.

A girl I Saw – poem by Sophia Alexandra Hall
I waved at a girl I saw
Wonky teeth and eyes aglow
Staring at me through the glass
Clutching Miss Rabbit in her fist
And giggling a soft melody

I laughed at a girl I saw
Wicked tongue and a cheeky wink
Making a face towards the glass
Wiggling along to a song I knew
And twisting her truths into knots

I frowned at a girl I saw
Bruised lips and puffy eyes
Trapped behind a wall of glass
Gagged by shadows of the past
And screaming words I would not hear

I cried at a girl I saw
Torn shirt and desperate glance
Pounding fists against the glass
Sapphire lights with crimson tones
And the future choked by sirens

I reached out to a girl I saw
Ravaged skin and defeated air
Her hand joined mine upon the glass
Rush of heartache merged to beat
And a flash of recognition

I look up to a girl I see
Reclaimed body and affectionate gaze
Familiar face in the glass
She nods “we’re okay, go on your way”
And I smile at my reflection.

Please join Peter Capaldi and Sophia Alexandra Hall to celebrate the virtual awards ceremony which will be streamed live on the Coram Voice YouTube channel.

Peter Capaldi and Sophia Alexandra at Voices 2019 awards

Sophia Alexandra is a care-experienced journalist and winner of the Coram Voices competition in 2019. Coram Voice is a national charity which provides a range of services for children and young people in and around the care system. We have a range of resources for young people in care and the professionals who support them. They are part of the Coram group of charities, working to make the biggest possible difference to the greatest number of children and young people.

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