Poetic Covid advice: A Sparrow Told Me

October 15, 2020

Image by SamMino from Pixabay

Adam gets through lockdown with help from his feathered friend

Sat here near the window, feeling all alone,
There’s a sparrow looking at me and he’s sat there on his own.

He wonders why I’m sat here and I’m thinking the same thing too,
But I can’t go out to tell him, I don’t know what to do.

I would tell him that I’m not at school and have to do my work,
Of Maths, English and History and it really, really hurts.

I got up one morning and stumbled out of bed,
Then sat and watched the news, it said lots of people were dead.

I sat close to the window looking at my feathered friend,
I ask if he knows about it and asked if it will ever end.

This is what he said:

“Rainbow, Rainbow in the sky,
I look at you and wonder why,
Such lovely colours for us to see
Yet lots of pain and misery.
I know one day when it’s all gone,
You will laugh and play
And have some fun.”

My friend the sparrow made me realise,
Things aren’t too bad for me.

I’ll do my school work in my house
And live there happily.

Overall winner (lower secondary category) of Voices 2020, the national writing competition for care-experienced young people, in this year’s special category ‘Experiences of Covid-19’. You can read all the shortlisted entries or watch the award ceremony, hosted by Peter Capaldi. This year’s competition is sponsored by Cadence Innova.

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