Poem about living in care: The Weight of the World

March 10, 2021

Aaron recounts his poem

Aaron Cross shares his experiences as a care ambassador to promote Coram’s new #RealStoriesOfCare campaign

With the world on his shoulders,
and a limp in his stride,
and with all the eyes on him,  
and nowhere to hide,
Daily battles with demons,
he endures on inside,
Monsters not of his making,
Though in him they reside.
Though the world wants the judge him,
or better ‘to guide’,
when the demons come knocking,
who’s stood by his side?
And please,
what care did these people ever provide?
But to trample,
and tarnish
and throttle his pride!
So they say it’s his fault,
and they say that they tried,
so they say he’s the problem
(or at least they implied),
it would all have been easy,
if he’d just complied,
but that’s easy to say when your life isn’t fried,
Have you ever tried living whilst wishing you’d died?
No of course,
well why would you?
You’re whole life is supplied.
His whole life is neglected,
He was promised protection,
and yet although they lied,
he’s the one they expected,
to laugh when he cried,
he’s the one they rejected,
whilst they oggled side eyed,
he’s the one they excluded,
felt trapped but outside,
But how different they’d see things,
If their worlds did collide.
If their lives were to flip,
and they felt the land slide.
With the world on their shoulders,
How far would they stride?

Coram has launched #RealStoriesOfCare, a digital campaign exploring the stories of care-experienced children and young people through history. It is part of a four-year programme, Voices Through Time: The Story of Care, to digitise Coram’s archive dating back to its establishment in 1739. Participate in the campaign on Coram’s social media channels using #RealStoriesOfCare. Young people aged 16-25 can find out more about the upcoming creative workshops and volunteering opportunities at coramstory.org.uk/get-involved.

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