When the world was separated we came together

November 10, 2020

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Tychique recounts how he has been coping with Covid-19

I’ll tell you about 2020. How a virus spread like a wild forest fire and shut the whole world down. The busiest centres and the largest cities had a well-deserved rest. A pin drop could be heard through numerous towns.

Fear makes companions of us all; I was incredibly frightened. Sorrow waters flooded from my eyes. I couldn’t find any mental insurance and there was nothing for me to be cushioned by.

This was the time where I really needed my closest friends and they all came through. As I ran the Covid-19 marathon my lungs seized, I couldn’t breath, but they all pointed out the finish line to me. I can’t explain how thankful I am for them. ‘Keep On Running’ kept playing through my head.

I could not escape the writing. I came back to the spoken word pieces, the novels and books that I still needed to read.

I started to realise that Covid-19 may have shut the world down temporarily, but time was now a close friend to me.

I went to the theatre through YouTube, attended church through Facebook and recalled great memories through retro football matches.

We bashed down racism’s door. Black people were summoned, anti-racists were summoned.

We all thought Covid-19 was the world’s biggest nuisance but in fact we needed it. We had forgotten ourselves amongst the technology and fast foods. We needed to go back to simplicity.

Racism was still in full throttle, the demon on George Floyd’s neck. We still battled, charged, boomed and screeched “NO MORE!”

We bashed down racism’s door. Black people were summoned, anti-racists were summoned and all of the mother’s love was summoned.

In a time where the world was separated, we came together. For the first time in my career, I missed my job and along with that joy I missed John Bercow. Suddenly Theresa May didn’t seem so bad now.

I can’t wait to tell people I came through it.

I can’t wait to tell people how God guided me through it.

I can’t wait to tell my nieces not to think about it and just do it.

And to tell my nephew to appreciate the world a little bit more because in 2020, we nearly lost it.

Third place (care leaver category) of Voices 2020, the national writing competition for care-experienced young people, in this year’s special category ‘Experiences of Covid-19’. You can read all the shortlisted entries or watch the award ceremony, hosted by Peter Capaldi. This year’s competition is sponsored by Cadence Innova.

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