Announcing Exposure’s summer film project

July 27, 2020

Design for Exposure’s ‘Lockdown 2020’ t-shirts created by Callum O’Sullivan

Youth charity to help create sense of solidarity amongst young people during pandemic

Thanks to funding from our friends at John Lyon’s Charity and Jack Petchey Foundation, Exposure is excited to announce our summer film project, ‘Learning from Lockdown’.

This is hot on the heels of last summer’s hugely successful Slice O’ Bread friendship musical which went on to secure a Bronze People’s Choice Award at the Charity Film Awards.

This year, Exposure’s young creatives will have opportunities to engage safely and collaboratively (though largely remotely) contributing to a short film that brings to life how young people have been dealing with Covid-19, overcoming challenges and focusing on positive experiences, and what the future might look like.

[authquote text=”Participants will be able to choose an exclusive, commemorative and much-coveted ‘Lockdown 2020’ t-shirt”]

They’ll document their experiences and present their creative responses through:

  • developing statements encapsulating thoughts and ideas to be recorded and/or presented graphically;
  • producing on their mobile phones and/or sourcing copyright free images/footage/audio/music to illustrate these statements;
  • sourcing examples of other short films they admire to serve as inspiration for the final Exposure production;
  • feeding into a narrative of life before, during and after the pandemic, and what can be learned.

As reward for their involvement – and to inspire a sense of connection and togetherness – participants will be able to choose an exclusive, commemorative and much-coveted Exposure ‘Lockdown 2020’ t-shirt, created by Exposure beneficiary Callum O’Sullivan, to be delivered directly to their door.

How’s that for youth service?

Participants will be asked to wear their t-shirts in any images/footage they submit of themselves for inclusion in the film. The t-shirts will also serve as a souvenir for this crazy period.

Award winning film maker, Levin Pfeufer (director of ‘Slice O’ Bread’) will bring together all the young people’s creative responses and ideas to create the ‘Learning from Lockdown’ short film. Young people interested in the editing process will be able to participate via screen-share in Zoom, advising on mood, style, graphics, special and sound effects, and music.

Roll sound, roll camera and… action!

To find out more or to get involved in this exciting, once-in-a-lifetime project email info @

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