How you coping?

March 27, 2020

Image by Felipe Esquivel Reed licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

Exposure appeals for young people’s testimonies on living through the coronavirus crisis

“How you coping?”

No, it’s not a throwaway enquiry inviting the throwaway response: “OK thanks.”

It’s a genuine appeal to share your thoughts, feelings, ideas and creativity with Exposure to help you, your peers and the wider community get through this with our sanity intact.

We’re living through momentous times. Just think: there’ll be questions about coronavirus 2020 in future History exams; maybe whole degree courses!

We want to capture young people’s testimonies for posterity. So please, help us make history and participate if you can.

And let’s face it – with more time on your hands – you probably can.

We’d like to explore the following topics and turn them into creative outputs for the Exposure website:

  • maintaining your mental health and wellbeing during the crisis;
  • staying positive through worthwhile activities during social isolation;
  • relationships with family, and staying connected with friends;
  • what you value and miss about your area and wider community;
  • your family story and why parents/grandparents came to London.

Young people can tackle one or as many topics as they wish. And let us know if you’ve any other ideas.

Exposure has suspended face-to-face contact with young people and is supporting creative production activities remotely via email, text and social media.

For details and guidance on how to participate contact info @

Look after yourselves – and each other.

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