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November 23, 2022

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Our young creatives urge their communities to get vaccinated

“It is important to know that religion does not have to clash with science. Many religious or spiritual people are firm believers in the importance of science and modern medicine. The two don’t have to come into conflict. This kind of mentality can help us to encourage more people to get the vaccine and help others.” Nikol

“I made sure to only try and expose myself to official research and information, from sources like the NHS and WHO rather than from lots of misinformation from some online sources, especially social media. For religious groups, understand that those who produced the vaccine were guided by God, making the vaccine safe and trustworthy.” Robyn

The vaccine is indifferent to people’s race and ethnic group, instead it depends upon everyone to take it to protect all humans. Your vaccination could encourage your friends and family to copy you, as you would be a real-life example that the vaccine is not at all as scary as the internet makes out.” Rosie

“Getting vaccinated is an act that helps your community. It may contradict with beliefs that you personally hold but it should also align with the fact that getting vaccinated allows everyone in your local area to breathe easier. Getting vaccinated is caring for other people if it’s not something that you’d do for yourself.” Kate

“It’s easy to read the headlines and hear stories that don’t exactly show the Covid vaccine in a positive light. The media sensationalises news surrounding the pandemic because it increases their profits. Try and avoid believing everything you read. If you’re extremely unsure about getting vaccinated, conduct your own research from reputable sources like the NHS. Don’t hesitate to vaccinate.” Kishen

“It’s easy to associate the government and their agenda with the vaccine as they are the ones behind the administration. However, the vaccine was not created by politicians, it was created by scientists and doctors who are experts, and their intention is to save lives not to control them.” Sadé

“We must encourage people from all communities to get vaccinated because we are all in this together as humans. We must understand that we should work together with the new normal.” Max

“There has been enough research provided by scientists which states that these vaccines are safe and will not cause us any harm. Don’t trust in a leap of faith, trust science.” Alex

“Most religions such as Judaism have a strong idea that people should ‘preserve life at all costs’ and therefore having the vaccine will allow for them to ensure this is the case. Plus, the Covid vaccine is both kosher and halal, so religious beliefs should not be a reason for not having a vaccination.” Matt

“It is essential for ethnic minorities especially to get vaccinated because we are already at a higher risk of becoming ill with Covid. I would encourage ethnic minorities to have conversations with their older relatives about their fears because it’s important to discuss these feelings. You can also use the NHS website to seek answers to questions and concerns you might have.” Roxanne

“I have so much disrespect and anger for the UK government because of their corruption, lies and double standards, however I still chose to get my  vaccine. In my eyes I do not associate the Covid vaccine with the government as it has been our scientists developing it, volunteers who administer it, and our NHS workers who look after us when we have been ill with Covid.” Ruby

“I know from research that there are still grave concerns over Covid vaccine uptake among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities with rates for unvaccinated adults being highest among the Black Caribbean ethnic group. I would urge anybody, especially people of my age and background, to go now and get vaccinated if they haven’t already.” Shiv

“Getting vaccinated can protect your family members, particularly those who may be old or may have underlying conditions, and not getting vaccinated may be putting them and others around you who may be more sensitive to the virus, in danger.” Frini

“Some have a distrust for the government, which is fair in some cases but it’s important to focus on the results of the vaccine rather than the authority behind it. Without a doubt this vaccine has done wonders and has pretty much saved us from another bleak couple of years. In terms of people with strong religious beliefs, wasn’t scientists creating a vaccine and having the tools to do so also God’s will?” Milo

Covid’s not over. Get jabbed now!
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Matt is currently in Year 12 studying Sociology, Business and Psychology, and absolutely loving all three! In his free time Matt enjoys being a Barista, socialising with friends and visiting new and exciting places.

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