New documentary on West Green Road released

April 19, 2020

Still from London’s “Unhealthiest” High Street

Exposure alumnus releases heartwarming new film about the Haringey street where he was raised

Exposure alumnus and Tottenham-based filmmaker, Eren Kaplan has released a short documentary that aims to combat negative, sensationalist reporting on his local high street, West Green Road.

‘London’s “Unhealthiest” High Street’ film counters the conclusions of the Royal Society of Public Health’s November 2018 report Health on the High Street, which ranked West Green Road as London’s unhealthiest high street.

The report awarded wellbeing points for the presence of leisure centres, health services, libraries, museums and art galleries, whilst taking away points for payday lenders, bookmakers, tanning salons and fast food outlets.

Honest, amusing and deeply human, the film is a story about a united, strong community that has great optimism for its future

But the report excluded businesses that many consider to positively contribute to the local area’s health and wellbeing, such as stores selling a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, private gyms and health clubs, bakeries, or restaurants specialising in nutritionally balanced dishes.

Honest, amusing and deeply human, Kaplan’s film is a story about a united, strong community that has great optimism for its future. The film develops through a series of intimate interviews with residents and local traders, exploring how existing businesses on West Green Road contribute to the overall health and wellbeing in the area.

Featuring a combination of digital, super8 and aerial drone footage the film provides an engaging viewing experience.

The production was made possible by both personal and financial contributions from local businesses. When premiered on the March 22nd at a local auditorium the film generated a unanimous response from local residents, traders, political representatives and activists.

Kaplan commented: “As well as reminding local residents and traders what makes West Green Road special, I hope the film reaches out to those who have not yet taken advantage of what the street has to offer. By highlighting businesses and individuals that are already making positive contributions, the film aims to encourage others to follow their example. Ultimately, I hope the documentary will bring the RSPH and the mainstream media to rethink their approach.”

Sponsors supporting the film include Roneford Catering, Banc Restaurant, Bom Pecado, Cafe Lemon, 9round fitness, Bind Yoga, Uptown Cuisine, Uncle John’s Bakery and Dayi Supermarket.

For more information contact: Eren Kaplan – Independent Filmmaker, 07960 613836,

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