Exposure youth: why we all need Covid jab

December 6, 2022

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Our young creatives explain why it’s vital young people are vaccinated

“Think about people that are more vulnerable than you are. Also, even if you are healthy there is still a high chance it could make you very ill, if you were to catch the virus. Scientists have worked so hard to come up with a vaccine to help protect us and so far, it seems to be working. There’s no excuse now. Everyone can get the jab in the UK.” Alex

“Having access to the vaccine is a privilege that many people don’t have across the world. Many countries in the global south and Asia have been deprived of vaccines due to the policy of hoarding them by richer countries. Therefore, we should take advantage of having vaccines free and readily available, so they don’t go to waste.” Finn

“We’d all still have smallpox if people refused vaccination. Getting vaccinated means we get to move on with our lives. We’re very lucky to grow up in a country with free healthcare and that’s a difficult thing to recognise when you haven’t experienced anything but it.” Kate

“Though we may be young and healthy, there is no guarantee that the virus won’t affect us as badly compared to older citizens, for example. There have been cases of perfectly healthy teenagers dying from Covid. The side effects of the vaccine are only a small compromise to pay to ensure that your life, and others too, will be saved.” Kishen

“No matter your current health or age, Covid can be dangerous, if not to yourself then the others around you. The vaccine is everyone’s shield against Covid that should always be raised. It’s so much better to be safe than sorry. Don’t make a bet. It’s not over yet!” Milo

“One of the most important lessons that we have learnt from this pandemic is that infectious diseases will continue to arise. This is nature. Too many people realise too late that health is wealth. We must learn the importance of keeping each other safe and progressing. Prevention is better than cure.” Nikol

“Long Covid, which can be caught by young people and is best avoided, as it can leave young patients with long term respiratory issues, headaches and fatigue. Being unvaccinated so with no protection is like playing Russian roulette, you don’t know how it will affect you.” Rosie

“A lot of people want to get back to normal and part of the urge to produce these vaccines quickly was to make that possible: although Covid is not over, we can take steps, like becoming vaccinated, that allow us to resume activities that we couldn’t before.” Roxanne

“Getting vaccinated is not just about protecting yourself, it helps others around you who are more vulnerable, to be safe and be able to leave their houses without being scared of contracting Covid. If no one was vaccinated, we would still be stuck in a state of lockdowns and high death tolls.” Ruby

“It’s important to stop the spread of disease, especially for those who are vulnerable. When getting the vaccine, we are not only protecting ourselves  but we also end up protecting friends family, loved ones and people all around us.” Robyn

“Getting the vaccine is the best option for everyone. Not only does it give you peace of mind and keep you safe but it also means that the risk of you spreading the virus to anyone you love or who is vulnerable is significantly decreased.” Sade

“Although young people may think they are healthy – with no underlying health conditions – and don’t need to get vaccinated, they are likely to come into contact with people who are more vulnerable, including elderly people or people of any age with lower immune systems.” Shakira

“It’s a vital and pivotal factor in controlling the spread of the virus as well as our duty to partake in any scheme that will lessen the effects of the virus and place less stress on our essential public services, such as the NHS, which was already under so much stress at the time.” Shiv

“We need to consider that, even if we’re healthy, not everyone else is. A lot of people said ‘only the vulnerable’ get really sick from Covid but a ‘vulnerable’ person might be your diabetic friend, your grandma who beat cancer or your asthmatic parent – like my step mum. Get the jab done!” Sophie

“There are many cases of young people who were perfectly healthy individuals before their original infection who unluckily contracted long Covid. This has led to further disruption to their education and social lives, both crucial elements to healthy mental development at this point in life. It’s a small sacrifice to give up minutes of your time to get jabbed. With this you can avoid the huge price of contracting long Covid and losing your independence.” Barnaby

“Public safety is very important and having the vaccine is our best option to protects ourselves and others from Covid. Millions of people have been vaccinated and there doesn’t appear to be any major issues. Vax to relax. Jabs are fab. ” Frini

“For young people, side effects of the vaccine are rare and tend to be very mild, and a lot better than the effects from actually contracting Covid. The best possible way to get on with your life is to have the vaccine as it allows you to have greater freedom.” Matt

Covid’s not over. Get jabbed now!
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