Exposure Listens: consuming better

March 19, 2024

Max (left) and Jack: collage by Exposure with background social media image by Gerd Altmann and fast food elements by DuckaHouse, both from Pixabay

Jack Stylianou and Max Wills explore how to nourish our minds and bodies

In this episode of Exposure Listens, two young people shed light on all the negative energy surreptitiously and perpetually entering young people’s minds and bodies – through the social media and processed food they digest. They offer tips on limiting screen time and eating more healthily.

Warning: if you’re struggling on an unwholesome combo diet of Instagram and fried chicken, consuming this podcast may be seriously good for your health.

Exposure is a youth communications charity enabling young people to thrive creatively, for the good of others as well as themselves.

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