Poem about exploitation: Talking in the Dark

March 1, 2023

Collage with photos from cottonbro studio at Pexels

Owen (name changed) considers the dangers of manipulation and misuse of power with online grooming

Talking in the Dark
Is it dancing?
She doesn’t know the difference
So, she says it’s a good thing
Says it’s harmless

She doesn’t know what to call it
She sways
She’s nervous
But he’s warm

He’s captivating
Caresses her soft skin
Lures her in
Her heart a home that he’s decorating

Rearranging the furniture
He wraps her in his hopelessness
That feels like home to her
She doesn’t know the danger

She sees the pain
She doesn’t know the hurt
He hides it behind a smirk
But he’s warm

He’s compassionate
Little does she know
He’s acting
She doesn’t know the damage in him

Maybe because he only talks to her in the dark
His eyes are deceiving
She’s too kind
She holds the door open

So, when someone actually listens
She’s all ears
She doesn’t know the danger
Because he made her forget all about her fears.

Barnet Council offers comprehensive advice for staying safe online.

Part of Exposure’s Extreme Caution campaign, enabling young people to tackle online grooming and hate, supported by Young Barnet Foundation. Due to the sensitive nature of this project author names have been anonymised.

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