Exposure youth: why we got the Covid jab

October 27, 2022

Image by Shafin Al Asad Protic from Pixabay

Our young creatives explain what convinced them to get vaccinated

“I got vaccinated twice last year and have had a booster at the start of this year. I wanted to get vaccinated because it was the safest option for me, especially when Covid was everywhere. I wanted to make sure I was protected as I was with friends and family, some of who have underlying health conditions, most of the time.” Alex

“I was very unsure for a long time about whether to get the vaccine. I had anxieties surrounding some of the misinformation I had seen online. I heard about people getting very unwell after their shots and there were lots of what I now know to be scare tactics about people being injected with a microchip. However, after many of my family and friends had been vaccinated, I saw the benefits of getting it.” Anna Louise Adepegba

“For several months, I was in two minds. However, after reading several articles in the British Medical Journal on the vaccines, and once it became clear that the vast majority of those vaccinated had not experienced any side effects, I decided to get vaccinated.” Arjan

“I got vaccinated to protect my family, myself, and others from getting Covid. Being vaccinated made me feel more comfortable visiting my gran and other family members who are more vulnerable. “ Finn

“Having had Covid and experiencing long Covid in the form of losing my sense of smell for over a year, a vaccination seemed like an obvious choice to prevent it happening again. When the opportunity arose I was wary because science lessons at school taught me that vaccines take ten years to make, I was mistrustful of the quick roll out. But the longer I thought about the other vaccine I’d had (for example the cervical cancer vaccine) I realised that I knew little about that either, yet I’d had it. So there wasn’t anything different with this. I trust professionals in every other setting so why not this vaccine?” Kate

“I knew I wanted to get vaccinated when I’d heard how easy the virus was starting to spread. I felt like it was my duty to help protect my immunocompromised friends and family. I also got vaccinated for myself, as I would have rather experienced the relatively small side effects of the vaccine than be hospitalised with the virus.” Kishen Patel

“My parents caught Covid and I was forced into isolation. As a young person with autism, I was frustrated and anxious at the same time about the virus and worried about my parents as this was a new virus. When it was announced on the news I knew that I needed to have protection.” Max

“I got vaccinated almost as soon as I could so I could start going to events and activities that I had missed out on the last two and a bit years, with my friends and family. As well as protecting more vulnerable people it gave me more opportunities to do things, like go to different countries, go to large conventions and much more. All this helps with my sense of purpose and good mental health.” Milo

Although I believe in modern science, it was a fairly anxiety-inducing decision because misinformation has proven to be a real issue in today’s digital age. We were bombarded about potential side effects, possible long-term consequences and even past stories about how vaccines have been detrimental to previous generations. However, after careful reading (from the right sources), I decided it was important to protect myself but also the people around me, especially my grandparents and parents.” Nikol

“Many social media sites told me that there was a chip in the vaccine, or that the vaccine was a tool for government control. I had expected to hear things like this, but I had trust in the scientist and the researchers and remembered that the vaccination would not only protect myself but loved ones and vulnerable people. Thinking of others really convinced me to go through with getting the vaccine.” Robyn

“I wanted to get the vaccine to help stop the spread of Covid-19, help to relieve some of the pressure on the NHS, and also to protect myself and vulnerable friends and family from hospitalisation.” Roxanne

“I chose to get my first jab as soon as it became available to my age group. This decision was informed by a number of factors such as: not wanting to feel really ill with Covid again, I’ve had it three times in all, or to get long Covid, being able to travel to certain countries, and most importantly to keep vulnerable people safe.” Ruby 

“I took the first opportunity available to get vaccinated because I wanted to make sure I was keeping myself and my family, my gran in particular, as safe as possible.” Sade

“I wanted to get vaccinated to be able to travel to Germany and finally see my friends again in person, and because I didn’t want others, particularly elderly people like my Nana, to get the virus.” Shakira

“I felt a responsibility to get the vaccine as fast as I could – to do all I could to protect myself, my family, friends and community – to seize the first opportunity to help keep us all as safe as possible.” Shiv

“Everyone in my family has had Covid and all of us felt quite unwell. So, when the opportunity came to get the vaccine, we all jumped on it. We didn’t want to get unwell again and we didn’t want to risk passing it on to others, which is especially relevant for us as my step-mum’s at high risk because she’s got asthma already.” Sophie-Jane Brennan

“I felt compelled to get vaccinated because of the collective trauma the global population had just been through and are still in fact suffering the repercussions of it. I felt compelled too to get vaccinated because I was aware that most of the developing world were crying out for vaccines when only the Western world had an early access to them.” Barnaby

“I was convinced to get vaccinated because I wanted to protect my loved ones from Covid and generally to feel safer interacting with others around me. After two lockdowns I had really missed out on socialising and going out, getting vaccinated made that feel a lot safer and easier.” Frini

“I felt that if I didn’t get the vaccine, I would be putting other more vulnerable people at serious risk. This would have made me feel very guilty about not having the vaccine (if I were not to have it). With this I was more eager to get the vaccine.” Matt

“I felt confident about getting the vaccine because I trust the NHS, its doctors and nurses, and the services it provides. Whenever I have been injured with a broken bone or sick, I have gone to the hospital and luckily always been in safe hands.” Rosie Aslett

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