‘Exposure Listens’ podcast: Gen Z on all things gender

August 28, 2018

Exposure Listens to young north Londoners sound off about relationships, the tampon tax, male feminists and more in our special podcast series

In the age of #MeToo and being “woke”, what does gender equality mean to young people?

See below our special series of Exposure Listens on women’s rights and gender equality, created by young people from Barnet in north London.

Part 1: The big gender debate
Should the guy or the girl pay on a date? Are musicians and social media influencers helping or hindering gender equality? And how does our religious or cultural upbringing affect our attitudes towards a woman’s place in the world? Liam Genus leads the way with his fellow students at Barnet & Southgate College . They get stuck into some of the delicate questions of our time.

Part 2: Proud to be feminist
What does being a feminist mean? What difference would a more feminist government make? What happens when feminism goes too far? Teenagers from The Compton School discuss getting more young women into politics, ending the tampon tax and taboos around periods – and why men can definitely be feminists too.

Part 3: Gender quiz time!
You might think you’re pretty clued up, but could you define a radfem? Can you tell your mansplaining from your bropropriating? Are fishmongers more likely to be female than clothes designers? Young people from Barnet join our host Jamie Aldridge for a quick-fire quiz on all things gender.

Thanks to Mill Hill Music Studios for providing recording facilities for this series.


Many thanks to our funders, John Lyon’s Charity and the Tallow Chandlers Company for making this project possible.


Liam first worked with Exposure at 18 when he attended Barnet and Southgate College. He recently graduated with a Creative Communications degree from De Montfort University and went on to work at Silver Media. He has worked on several short films with Exposure as well as bringing lively contributions to podcast groups exploring gender and identity. He is now working with Exposure, mentoring and collaborating with other contributors to produce creative content.

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