Tackling grooming: amazing response by Exposure youth

July 4, 2023

Young creatives produce series of powerful outputs to address growth of online hate

Record numbers of young people arrested on suspicion of terror offences
Last year 13% of UK terrorist arrests were under 18s (up 8%)
Experts link increase to online grooming by extremists

That’s why Young Barnet Foundation commissioned Exposure to mobilise its young people to tackle online grooming and hate through our ‘Extreme Caution’ campaign.

Exposure engaged with over 30 of its most dedicated and experienced young volunteers for the campaign. They were issued with comprehensive guidance to tackle the following topics:

  • Seeing online grooming by extremists
  • Seeing abuse by extremists (online or otherwise)
  • Fake news/hate speech/misinformation/disinformation/conspiracies
  • Protecting vulnerable young people from grooming
  • Sharing culture/identity to combat hate
  • Promoting shared values to combat hate

Those willing and able to to contribute were supported to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences and ideas on the above topics, before developing their testimonies into coherent and compelling digital outputs, including features, news stories, fiction, graphics, photographs, podcasts and short films.

Leading on from, and in direct response to our campaign, Exposure secured additional funding from the National Lottery to celebrate difference

These were then shared widely on Exposure’s website and social media as a learning resource, reaching friends, classmates, family, teachers, online influencers and the wider community.

Exposure worked alongside specialists at Shout Out UK, who delivered media literacy and extremism workshops in local schools and colleges, outcomes from which fed into the campaign.

There were 18 outputs in total, published over a five-month period, between December 2022 and April 2023. Accompanying visuals and key messages expressed by the young volunteers have been assembled into a short film which encapsulates the campaign, offering an over-arching narrative and calling for more investment in education and raising awareness to safeguard young people.

Leading on from, and in direct response to our ‘Extreme Caution’ campaign, Exposure secured additional funding from the National Lottery to support a campaign that combats hate by promoting young people’s cultures and identities and celebrating their differences.

For more details about the campaign email: info @ exposure.org.uk

Barnet Council offers comprehensive advice for staying safe online.

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