Exposure youth: how easy was getting the jab?

November 8, 2022

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Our young creatives describe their experiences getting the Covid vaccination

“Getting vaccinated took me a few minutes to organise. I did experience a bit of a headache and sore arm for a day and night but that was it, so once I was injected everything was sorted. It’s quick and easy and it saves lives. What more do you want?” Alex

“I’m triple-jabbed. On the day after my second jab, I felt ill with flu-like symptoms, as I’d been inoculated with a dose of Covid, but I recovered quickly. After my other two jabs, the only symptom I felt was a sore arm, other than which I felt absolutely fine.” Arjan

“There was a clinic at the end of my road which made getting the vaccine quick and effortless. The people volunteering at the vaccine site were very helpful and I was able to get my jab and leave in under half an hour which was great.” Finn

“I had my vaccinations with help from my parents. They booked my jabs online from a variety of places that provided them. On the day of each individual vaccine I was a little nervous, but with my parent’s support it was straight forward. It did make my arm ache and I was a little tired. It’s just like having the flu jab so after taking paracetamol they ache stopped the next day.” Max

“It was extremely easy to get vaccinated, something you can decide and do on the day. It’s quick, relatively painless and free. The only side effect I got was a slight bruised feeling on my shoulder (where I was jabbed) and I felt more tired than usual but both symptoms disappeared in a day or two.” Milo

“The only side effect I had was from my first vaccine when I felt a sudden increase in my body temperature. The nurses spoke to me and even directed me to resources that I could read, which I really appreciated. I think it’s important to remember that some side effects with vaccines are to be expected. In fact, some mild side effects show that the vaccine is working.” Nikol

“I was vaccinated at my local vaccination centre after receiving a text from the NHS saying I was  eligible for the jab. I simply booked an appointment and walked in. It was easy, fast and I felt extremely comfortable despite the slight nerves I was feeling beforehand.” Robyn

“It was really easy to book. I got a text and an email with a link inviting me to fill in my details; the whole process probably took less than 10 minutes. Luckily, I ended up experiencing no side effects other than a sore arm that lasted about a day.” Roxanne

“The whole process was really easy and over in a matter of minutes, although my arm was definitely a bit achy for the next couple of days. Other than that, I didn’t especially experience any other side effects but I would say it’s a good idea to take it easy the day after the jab.” Sade

“I was a bit unsure before the vaccination process, because I thought it would hurt. However, luckily I had nothing to worry about. My arm felt a little ‘limp’ but nothing too serious (sort of like pins and needles, but minor).” Shakira

“In the end it was easy, and a fairly quick and straightforward process. I did get a headache and I felt a bit tired the day after the vaccination, but I felt normal soon after that, so I had very little side effects. All my experiences getting jabbed at the vaccination centres were made easier as the volunteers were lovely, encouraging and willing to answer my queries.” Frini

“The vaccine team coming to my school made it extremely convenient and allowed me to get it with the ease of not having to book a slot or queue. My mother volunteered her time to distribute the vaccine to others so she was also able to answer any queries and allay some of my anxieties about getting the vaccination.” Matt

“Getting my jabs was very quick and easy. Booking my appointment on the NHS website only took a few minutes. On the day I got jabbed, I was in and out of the vaccination centre within 20 minutes.” Ruby

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